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Here's What Our Past Sellers Say About Us

It's Important That We Provide an Excellent Home Selling Experience

Excellent service. I had many questions about selling my home and finding a new one. They were very helpful! I highly recommend.

Erastus M.


We were very happy on how quick and easy the whole process went. We will be using them again. Thanks

Curt J.


We are really happy with the service very professional 10 out of 10 recommended.

Natale B.


I really love these guys. Very friendly, patient, and helpful. They really gave me a sense of relief when I was feeling so stressed out. Thank you guys.

Ellison C.


Thanks for the expertise with the properties. Really appreciate your help! I highly recommend Price Real Estate Investments, Inc to help you sell your home fast

Mays G.


They gave me a price for my home that was fair and above market. Their time to close was also best in class. I look forward to working with them again.

Keneth R.


They are great and willing to listen to your situation. Professionals who give real assessments and are willing to make a fair deal. They helped me when I needed it the most and followed through on their end. Thank you!

Meghan P.


Kind and professional. They gave me a great price for my property and we were able to close the deal right away.

Ashly W.


I was in a bind and they helped me sell my home quickly, you can trust that these guys will give you the best offer.

Bonnie G.


I recently sold my house and it was a great experience working with Price Real Estate Investments team! The process was quick and easy and it was refreshing to work with such straightforward professionals.

Vanessa D.


Really pleased with the whole experience and highly recommended! It was my first time selling a property and everything went smoothly

Milty S.


They bought our house which was inherited a few years ago. The upkeep hasn't been fun and they offered a pretty reasonable price for it. Closing was too easy and no surprises.

Cudd A.


My mother is older and was downsizing, my siblings and I were looking for options on how to sell her house as-is so we didn't need to pour money into the dated house hoping it would sell. They were able to buy as-is, and close in a few weeks. They also moved and donated all the old furniture in the house so we didn't have to deal with it all. I would call this company first every time, such a pleasure to work with and super easy.

Jan B.


Can’t thank the owner enough!! The stress of trying to fix my house up was affecting my personal life. Price Real Estate Investments explained to me they could buy it as is and help me with moving! I should have contacted them a year ago.

Finnegan R.


I needed to sell my house quick, found Price Real Estate Investments online, not only did they buy my house, they were able to give me cash and help me move out before closing, thanks for all your help you are the experts. Love these people, highly recommended.

Pierre O.


I was searching for a solution and found it with Price Real Estate! The process was easy and customer service was great!

Dayana R.


I wanted to sell my house fast and this company really made the whole process easy and fast! Definitely would recommend them to everyone who has need of their services!

Dax G.


They gave me a price for my home that was fair and above market. Their time to close was also best in class. I look forward to working with them again.

Megan C.


The process was efficient, stress free, and very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to sell their home.

Hood M.


I wanted to sell my house as-is and make it easy for myself. I called Price Real Estate and they did exactly that. You really did make the process painless, easy and your advice was much appreciated.

Jayla S.


I needed to sell my house for cash and this company showed up. I was able to close on my property fast! I highly recommend these guys if you're looking to sell your house for a fair cash offer.

Julian A.


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